How to set (GP-INTERNET & MMS Settings) Grameen Phone internet & MMS settings on symbian device

How to set manual  GP-INTERNET & MMS Settings on your Symbian mobile, follow the steps

Symbian Devices (Internet settings)
Step by step visual Guideline
1) Go To: Menu
2) Click Settings
3) Click on Settings
4) Go To Connection
5) Click Destinations
6) Select: Access Point
8) Select: Internet
9) Input: "gpinternet" as Access Point Name
Press “Back” to done the settings
Leave other fields blank.
GP-MMS Settings:
10) Click on Destinations
11) Select: Access Point
12) Input: GP-MMS
13) Select: Multimedia Message
14) Input: gpmms as Access Point Name
Leave other fields As Is.
Press “Back” to exit the settings
You have successfully configured GP Internet and MMS settings for your Symbian device.